Dove hunting in Texas has many fans for many reasons. It’s fun, it can be relatively inexpensive, grilled dove is delicious and a dove hunt in early September is a great chance to see just how much you can actually sweat while wearing camouflage, just in case that’s something you’ve wondered about. 


Of course, Texas dove hunting offers many other advantages as well. There are many great hunting locations within a short drive of major Texas cities, you can lease a dove hunting spot by the day if your time is limited or the whole season if dove hunting is one of your outdoor passions and finally, it’s something the whole family can enjoy.

 Browning shotgun

The dog days of summer will soon give way to the Texas dove season, the first significant hunting season of the fall in Texas. North and Central zones open September 1st and once the South zone opens September 14th, the whole state will be a dove hunters paradise. 

Remington shotgun


As with any other outdoor adventure, one of the keys is to be prepared and properly equipped. First and foremost is to have a good, reliable shotgun and fortunately, there are several great options available to fit any budget. Whether it be a classic pump, a semiautomatic or the ultimate bird gun, an over/under, you can find the gauge gun you want in a price range to suit you at Carter’s Country. With everything from the iconic Remington 870 to the higher end brands such as Benelli and Browning and just about everything in between, you’ll leave with a gun you can be proud of and more importantly, one you can count on.


Federal shotgun shells

Next of course, is shells for that shotgun. Dove hunting with an empty shotgun is like fishing without a hook at the end of the line. Sure, you can still enjoy the outdoors, get a sunburn and enjoy the company of friends and family, but deep down inside you’re going to feel kind of dumb. If feeling dumb is something you want to avoid, you can rest assured you will never feel dumb for visiting Carter’s Country. And, if you do visit one of our four convenient locations there is no reason for you to not have all the ammo you need for a successful dove hunt. 


And once you have that gun and ammo, why not practice before you hit the field? Our Spring location has multiple skeet and trap stations ready and waiting. If you are more of a do it yourself type person, all of our locations sell clays and multiple options for launching them. (I would like to stress here that if you go this route make sure you access to somewhere suitable for practicing. If you live in an apartment or subdivision you’ll probably just want to come practice with us. We’d hate for you to spend dove season in jail.) mojo dove decoy 2


Of course, a gun and plenty of ammo are the basics. A bird bag or hunting vest is another important item to bring along unless you have a better idea of how to carry extra shells and fallen birds. (Pro hunting tip: You don’t have a better idea to get a vest or bird belt. You don’t want to feel dumb while dove hunting. Seriously, we already talked about this earlier!)

 Mojo dove decoy

Luckily, your visit to Carter’s Country will allow you to add some additional gear if need be to make your dove hunt both enjoyable and successful. Things like snake boots, dove decoys, insect repellent and the right knife for cleaning your birds are all here and waiting for you.


If this is your first foray into dove hunting, feel free to ask any of our associates for guidance on getting the right gear for you. Our associates are knowledgeable, friendly and share your passion for hunting. They truly want you to have a safe, successful and enjoyable hunt and will gladly do their part to get you started in the right direction. 


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