The Carter Family

In the early 70’s a trip to Carter’s Country with my older brother, a former Marine and Vietnam Vet, was much more than just an opportunity to prove my marksmanship to my hero. I knew if I did, it would expedite my opportunity to go hunting with him and get to sit in a stand by myself.

I didn’t have to wait for opening day to get my heart pounding. Just walking into that store and seeing all those beautiful rifles lined up against the wall, Jim and his fellow salesmen behind the counter helping eager hunters get ready for deer season, hearing the gunfire out on the range…for a kid like me, it was better than a trip to Astroworld. (Although I suppose it would have been cool if Carter’s Country had had a roller coaster.)

Not surprisingly, my first deer was taken with a gun from Carter’s Country. So was my son’s. And when my grandson is ready to take his first deer, you better believe his gun will be too.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Growing up on the north side of Houston in the 60’s and 70’s, you didn’t even have to say “Carter’s Country”. You just said “the gun store” and everyone knew exactly where you were headed. In my circle of friends, that’s still true today.

Like most hunters, the thrill of the hunt and the things that happen on a hunt are intricately woven into what makes me who I am. At any given moment, something can happen on a deer hunt that spawns a lifetime of great memories and usually, laughter. Like the time my buddy Charlie had to ride around on a dirt bike wearing nothing but his underwear and boots searching for the rest of his clothes because, overnight, Roger had hidden all of them somewhere on 96 acres of thick East Texas forest. (Don’t feel bad for Charlie. He sort of had it coming.)

Even if your hunting memories don’t include my buddy riding a dirt bike in nothing but his tighty-whities and Tony Llama’s, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There’s just something special about a hunting trip with friends or family. Whether heartwarming, hilarious or, in my case, bizarre, those memories never seem to fade for me and I hope it stays that way.

Speaking of things that stick with you, Carter’s Country has been around since 1961, proudly serving Houston and surrounding areas with a great selection of guns and gear to help your hunts be as successful as they are memorable. It’s mid-October, so now’s the time to come see us, say hi, and look around to decide what we can do to help 2018 be another great deer season that provides you with memories that are as great as the venison that will be on your table.

*Unlike the woods of East Texas, we do require that in addition to footwear, you also wear pants and a shirt before entering any of our four great locations.