The dumbest thing anyone could ever say to me is “Don’t move! There’s a snake!”. Although it is technically good advice, there is no way I’m staying still if I know I’m near a snake. Call me a sissy, a girly man or pretty much anything you want. The fact is, always has been and always will be I simply don’t like snakes. They give me a mixed and crippling feeling of fear and repulsion that I am unable to ignore. It’s basically the same feeling I would get if I closed my eyes and imagined becoming a vegetarian.

 Rattlesnake in wait

That being said, I love the outdoors. Which is a problem, because it turns out that’s exactly where 99.9% of all snakes live. Luckily, there are things I can do to reduce the chances of an unwanted encounter turning into a trip to the emergency room. (For me, not the snake. I couldn’t care less if it gets medical attention or not.)


A quick internet search will point you to countless articles on how not to get bitten by a snake, although frankly, some of the suggestions are useless for me. For example, one expert tip says to never attempt to handle a venomous snake. Really glad I read that one because otherwise, the first thing I would have done if I saw a rattlesnake would be to pick it up. Thank you for the advice, snake expert guy!

 Justin Snake Boots at Carters Country

If your feelings towards snakes are the same as mine, the more peace of mind you can have about snakes while in the outdoors, the more you can enjoy your hunting, fishing or hiking excursion. That’s why I love my snake boots. Although I am still extremely cautious anytime I’m somewhere snakes might be, the knowledge that my boots will stop the bite of the repulsive and sometimes venomous beasts enables me to relax just a bit and better enjoy my time in the wild. Chippewa Boots at Carters Country


If you love the outdoors but not snakes and don’t yet own a pair of snake boots, then you my friend, need to come see us at Carter’s Country. That’s where you’ll find a pair of Justin snake boots that are comfortable, stylish (relatively speaking) and affordable. In other words, you’ll find the boots you want and more importantly, the boots you need.



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