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Think Safety

Enjoy Shooting in the Great Outdoors

The Best Houston Gun & Shooting Range


Carter’s Country believes in shooting where shooting was originally intended…outside in the fresh air!

Located at 6231 Treaschwig Road in Spring, TX, you will find the perfect place to practice and refine your shooting skills.

Our gun range has more than 100 target shooting lanes with a variety of distances for different gun types. Come and visit us to experience the ultimate in outdoor shooting excitement.

Our shooting range safety personnel are also first-rate.  Many of our safety officers are fresh out of the military, knowledgeable and happy to help you on all of our ranges.   Carter’s Country is home to over 100 covered target shooting lanes, 5 skeet fields, and 2 trap fields.

Rain or Shine

Open Seven Days a Week

Covered Rifle and Pistol Ranges

No Time or Shot Limit

Shooting Range Only Available at our Spring Location

Gun Range Information

Our shooting ranges at Carter’s Country offer a variety of options for our customers to shoot to their heart’s content. Bring your pistol, shotgun, rifle, or take a trip through our trap and skeet course!

7 and 20 yard ranges for handguns


50 and 100 yard ranges for rifles


Shotguns allowed on 20 and 50 yard ranges with "slug" ammo


2 trap fields


5 skeet fields


Trap and Skeet fields open 7 days a week


What You Need To Bring

Valid Texas Driver’s License or OFFICIAL Photo ID
All guns unloaded with actions open
No long gun cases
Rifles need to be out of cases – action open – rifles must have iron sights, a red-dot sight, or a scope
Handguns can be in case – action open

Range Pricing

Each range fee includes one free target
Price is per gun or shooter (greater of the two)
Daily Fee No Time Limit









**Trap and Skeet


*Only allowed to shoot “slugs” on paper targets
**Each round is 25 clays

Range Safety Rules

  1. All firearms must be unloaded with their actions open and muzzles pointed up in the air when checking in to shoot.
  2. During cease fires all firearms must be unloaded and placed in the gun racks. No firearms will be handled during cease fires.
  3. No long gun or rifle cases are permitted on the firing line, range bags are acceptable.
  4. Shotguns on target ranges can shoot slugs only. This does not apply to the trap and skeet fields.
  5. No rapid fire; please keep at least one second between shots.
  6. All non-shooting observers must remain off the firing line, behind the red fences or inside the store.
  7. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to shoot handguns, even with parental supervision.
  8. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed.
  9. Do not pass firearms from person to person. Set firearm down on the shooting bench with the muzzle pointed downrange, then the other person may pick up the firearm.