For many people today, video games provide a much-needed escape from reality. Hunting video games are no different. Games like Big Buck Hunter, the Hunter-Call Of The Wild, Duck Season and many others offer a fun indoor alternative to the ultimate outdoor sport. 

Big Buck Hunter

One thing that separates hunting video games from most others is that it features an activity that can actually be done in real life. While a lot of video games offer experiences that either can’t be or most definitely shouldn’t be attempted, such as killing zombies, stealing cars, robbing banks etc…video games featuring hunting activities can safely (and legally) translate from living room fantasy to outdoor reality.

To be fair, the hunting video game does offer a couple of advantages over its real-life counterpart. For instance, the chair in your deer stand probably won’t be as comfortable as your sofa or recliner. In real hunting, you’ll have to dress to fit the temperature instead of just adjusting a thermostat until you’re comfortable. And although I don’t know this for sure, I’m assuming your living room doesn’t have an army of insects ready to bite, sting or annoy you. (We’re not here to judge you if it does, but you might want to call a pest control company.) 

With that being said, if you play hunting video games but haven’t actually hunted, you really are missing out. If you think you get a rush of adrenaline when your prey appears on your television screen, just imagine what your heart rate will do when the real thing walks or flies out in front of you as you’re sitting out in the wild with a real gun in your hand instead of at home holding a video game controller. Ask any hunter and they will tell you from personal experience, there’s nothing quite like it.

Video gamers know where to go to buy what they need. Well, if you decide it’s time to turn things up a notch and try some real-life hunting, I can assure you Game Stop and Best Buy won’t be able to help you. But Carter’s Country certainly can. 

Many hunting games allow you to select your type of weapon, clothing, game calls, etc…and as you select them those items pop up on the screen. Carter’s Country beats that. You see, at Carter’s Country, when you’re trying to decide on which gun you’d like to hunt with, it doesn’t pop up on a screen, it gets put in your hands by one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates. You can hold it, put it up against your shoulder, work the bolt, all while any questions you have about the gun are answered by one of our experts. Not sure if you want a Remington, Marlin, Ruger, Winchester, Weatherby, Savage, Mossberg, Thompson/Center, or Browning? No problem, Carter’s Country has them all…and MORE! If your chosen prey is birds, just step down the counter a bit and get the feel of any of our great shotguns to see what suits you. Remington, Stoeger, Benelli, Browning, Beretta, Weatherby and many more. Doesn’t matter if you want a pump, semi-automatic or over/under. You just point to it and our associate will hand it over. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Trust me, you just will.

Once you’ve found the gun, it’s time to get the gear. We don’t like to brag, but we challenge you to think of something you’ll need for your hunt that we don’t have. From optics, clothing, calls, scent blockers, ammunition, gun cases, all the way up to the stands themselves, we have it right there at any one of our four great locations. 

sombrerito ranch

And if your chosen prey is a trophy whitetail or elk, we even have a place for you to go! If it’s a South Texas whitetail you’re looking for, book a hunt at Sombrerito Ranch and prepare for a chance at the buck of a lifetime. If an elk is more what you have in mind, head to southern Colorado and enjoy an unforgettable hunting experience at Cotton Mesa. Simply ask any of our associates and they will put you in touch with someone to answer any questions you may have about booking a hunt that you will never forget. 

cotton mesa ranch

We here at Carter’s Country have nothing against those hunting video games or the people who play them but trust us, there’s nothing like the real thing. When you are ready to find that out for yourself, come see us. You’ll be glad you did.