I love spending time out on the range with the Glock 19 Gen 4. This one, in particular, is the gun that I carry pretty often. I alternate between this and a Sig P320. Both point the same for me, both have the controls in the same approximate place more or less so the manual of arms is about the same. The triggers feel very very similar. I don’t
have a problem transitioning from one to the other. It seems to be that the p320 lives in my briefcase and this one I generally carry on my person.

A little bit of history, the Glock 19 was introduced in 1988. What it looks like Glock did was shorten the frame and slide of the original Glock 17, threw a 19 slide on there and said here you go. Initially, sales were a little bit slow, but with the Generation 2 guns, they became more and more prevalent. They seemed to fit a really nice role for security companies and police officers, specifically
the plainclothes detectives. Even concealed carry I found to be the Goldilocks of pistols, it’s just about right regarding size and feel.

With the introduction of the Glock Generation 4 series of guns, there are some small improvements of the previous Glock 19’s, but it’s still a fantastic firearm just like its predecessors even though there were some teething problems. This is a polymer-framed handgun where the slide rails are molded into a polymer frame, and that’s kind of a tricky situation because if the polymer frame becomes damaged, then you have to replace the whole gun.

One of the improvements they did make was a dual recoil spring arrangement on the Gen 4 guns over the Gen 3s. It’s got an enlarged magazine release and an improved texture as well as two grooves to slide a back strap into if you choose to go ahead and step up the size.

It’s a great gun if you’re looking for a compact 9 not that this is genuinely compact anymore. Other nines have gotten pretty darn small, but the Glock 19 is still very concealable. It can double as a home defense gun or duty gun–it really is a solid firearm for all of these uses. It really is a one size fits all gun it’s a great option starting under $600 and going up to just under 700 for some of the more unique editions.

You really should check it out. I had to choose between this gun and the P320 my gut tells me this one. You can get some of the Magpul magazines like $12 for these things and for range mags they’re great. Now for factory magazines, I just bought a mess of them for under $30 a piece that’s cheaper than you’re going to find magazines for just about any other gun on the market.

Dollar for dollar you can’t beat the Glock 19 for performance. If you’re looking to pick one of these guys up check out this link or stop by your favorite Carter’s Country Store today.


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