Turkey hunting season is here, and you need to find the right weapon. Turkey hunting has become more popular, an ever-increasing amount of gun makers have developed shotguns that have more turkey killing virtues. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind as you search for the ideal shotgun.

First, you need to buy a gun that fits you properly. There is only one sure way to find a shotgun that fits you right, and that is to come in and talk with one of our pro outfitters. Pull the gun up to your shoulder, keeping in mind to always point it in a safe direction. Does the shotgun swing into place without a bunch of extra thought or effort? Pay attention to the heft of the weapon – does it comfortable to you? Next, you need to adjust the placement of your front hand. Can you hold the gun steady? For five, ten, twenty seconds? Also, remember you’ll probably have to tote that shotgun for long distances. If you said “yes” to each of these questions, you might be on your way to the right shotgun.

Remington 870 Express Turkey Shotgun

Remington Firearms 870

When it comes to turkey hunting, bigger is not always better at least when it comes to the size of your shotgun. Believe it or not, 20-gauges are increasing in popularity, due mostly to their high-powered turkey loads and also their available chokes. Without a doubt, you are much better off buying a gun that perfectly fits you than automatically choosing the one that has the biggest gauge or load size.

You need to give yourself a chance to see how your gun performs under different instances. Give yourself the opportunity to fire it with different loads and shot sizes at the range. A lot of shotguns we sell offer varying choke configurations. A gun that hits in the money with increasing pattern performance is your ideal shotgun. As with all of your hunting equipment, you should use only the best quality gear you can afford and that performs best when you need it most.

Always take the time you need to discover what your shotgun is all about. Run it through several scenarios to find out how well your gun will work when you need it knock down your bird. To get the pattern right, experiment with various loads and chokes, and run through real turkey hunting situations while on the gun range. All this will help you sense when to shoot and when you ought to hold back. You learn that certain shots are risky, and when you are better off holding your shot.

A good rule of thumb is if you are using a 20-gauge, you ought to be within 75 feet of your target for the ideal shot. Young hunters or hunters lacking in experience should follow the same distance guidelines. Hunters that know their limitations are almost as important as knowing how well your gun will perform. This can very well be the difference between success and failure hunting the wary turkey.

Getting a hold of the right gun for your Texas turkey hunt could take a little experimentation and even practice. Things to keep in mind are choke constriction, your load, your shot size, and the distance to your target. You’ve got to have a shotgun that is comfortable. Make sure your weapon fits you. You want to figure out the gun that suits you and your needs best then come into your favorite Carter’s Country Store. There’s a perfect gun out there, and it has your name on it. Take the time, and you’ll find it. With your ideal shotgun in your hand, you’ll be on your way to a safe and rewarding turkey season.



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